How to use Sliding Doors Calculation on-line?

Sliding Doors Calculation on-line.

Sliding Doors Calculation on-line - it is not the same as that presented today on a variety of sites in the form of designers and wardrobes calculators, which present the preliminary cost of sliding wardrobe.

"Sliding Doors Calculation on-line" is a resource for those who himself make sliding wardrobe and constantly calculates the parametries of sliding doors: profiles size (vertical and horizontal), infill size: panel, mirror or glass.

How does it work?

Basically nothing complicated. On the first page you select the desired system by simply clicking on the button with the logo of the system. On the next page select the configuration of the sliding doors: with no section, with sections or with insertions. To select, simply click on the desired door button.

Then you get automatically to a page where you should enter the necessary data for the calculation. Namely, the height and width of the opening or a niche, which will be fitted with sliding doors, number of doors, number of overlaps, type of profile (in sectional configuration) and the presence or absence of the buffer strip (default buffer strip is taken into calculation). Then select the size of the inserts or sections and infill for sliding doors: panel 10mm or glass 4mm.

It should be clear with the height and width of the opening and the number of sliding doors.

The overlaps.

Concerning the places of overlaps. "Sliding Doors Calculation on-line" does not respond when the places of overlaps fewer doors for one. But if you select the other option, a confirmation window will appear in which you will need to confirm your selection. In the confirmation window, click "OK" and continue calculations. Click "Cancel" and you will return to the entering parameters of sliding doors.

For example:
You enter number of doors - 4, and places of overlap - 1. Confirmation window will appear asking: "Are you sure that the number of overlaps should be on so many smaller than the doors?". In this case, you have chosen a variant when 3 doors roll on one line, and one door rolls on the other line. Maybe you really need this variant. Then click "OK" and you will receive the calculation of doors. But if you made a mistake and did not carefully choose the number of overlap places, then click "Cancel" and correct the error.

The problem is that the doors will be narrower in width for those variants where the places of overlap should be more.

For more information about of overlap places, see here -->.


Each sliding door system has a collection of profiles. Profiles vary in material of which they are made (steel or aluminum), and type. Before making calculations select the desired profile.

Color of the profile.

Of course the color of the profile does not affect the calculation of the sliding doors. But the color will be mentioned on the form of calculations that will help when operating in the workshop or in the warehouse not to confuse the correct color of the profile.

The buffer strip ("schlegel").

If you want that the buffer strip present on the doors place a check. If not then remove the check mark.

What is a buffer strip or "schlegel" look here -->.

Select infill for doors.

Below you will see a table of your sliding doors within which you need to select the infill material for each door: 10mm chipboard(panel) or mirror (glass) 4mm.

Three buttons are located under the table of the doors: "Select system" and "Calculate". Clicking on the first you will return to the choice of system for sliding doors. Clicking on the second you return to the choice of door configurations. And press the button "Calculation" and pass to the page of the finished form of calculations.

Calculation form.

Calculation form of sliding doors is the end result of calculations that you can print out for use.

What is contained in the calculations?
- At the top of the form prescribed profile view, color, and sliding door system for which calculations are made.
- Following system logo and initial parameters that you entered for the calculations: the width and height of the opening, the number of doors and places of overlap. It is convenient to verify the correctness of the entered parameters.
- Then there is a table with the results of calculations:

  • height of the sliding doors;
  • width of the sliding doors;
  • panel size (if any);
  • glass size (if any);
  • the length of the vertical profile(handle);
  • the length of the horizontal profile (top, bottom, mid rails);
  • the length of silicone sealant for glass(mirror).
- Following a table a mention of the buffer strip - there or not in the design of doors. If there is then the following will be the length of the buffer strip in meters.
- Under the mention of the buffer strip is a schematic representation of the door that you want and the size of infill that you have chosen.
- And at the bottom you will see three buttons: "Back", "Print" и "Configuration".
By pressing "Back" you return to the page where the entering parameters of the opening and doors for the selected system.
The obtained results of calculations you can print by clicking the "Print" button. Moreover, these buttons will not be printed.
And you can easily return to the choice of sliding doors system by clicking on "Select system" button.

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